Quantum Integration's IoT Platform Proves to Be the Ideal Solution for Electronics Hobbyists

Following a successful Kickstarter release, the highly anticipated Quantum Q-Server and Q-Clients have been well received by its backers.

Quantum Integration, following a successful Kickstarter campaign for its complete Internet of Things (IoT) platform for hobby enthusiasts, has announced that its Quantum IoT platform has been well received by early supporters. Earning praise for its ease of use, versatility and the control it provides users without coding knowledge, the Quantum IoT platform is ideal for those with the passion to create wireless projects.

The Quantum IoT platform was designed from the ground up for novices and experts alike to give users the freedom and control to create without learning complex coding languages. "I've purchased a few different Arduino and Raspberry Pi kits during the last year for my own learning and for teaching my kids how to be builders and creators,” according to John A., in a recent testimonial. “While each platform has different strengths and weaknesses, the Quantum Q-Server and Q-Clients are great because they allow you to start building projects in less than an hour with no coding required and no need to install complex development tools.”

“But what really makes the Quantum platform unique is that these are Internet-enabled and wireless-enabled projects. This not only allows your Q-Clients to communicate wirelessly with each other, but you can also control and interact with the Q-Clients through your web browser.” This means users have the potential to develop a powerful IoT network, controlling things like remote temperature sensors, automated and smart home projects, and even robots.

He goes on to add, “While it is possible to accomplish similar results with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, it would take weeks or months to learn the skills and write the code to accomplish the same thing on these other platforms that can be done in minutes or hours on the Quantum platform." With the Quantum IoT platform, users can get to building quicker than ever before, developing their own automations, firmware, and apps. 

For more information or to purchase a starter bundle visit: https://quantumintegrate.com/.

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The Quantum IoT platform enables electronics hobbyists to create wireless devices from a simple button to home automation and robots, and control it with custom apps and firmware without coding, all through a central server. The power of making! ​​For more information, visit www.quantumintegrate.com.

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