Quantum Integration's IoT Platform is Enabling a New Level of Customization in Home Automation

The Quantum IoT platform is the perfect way to control all the features in an automated home.

Smart home integration is growing in popularity for many homeowners, but is usually only possible with advanced whole house systems. Quantum Integration’s internet-of-things (IoT) platform provides users complete control; whether novice or expert, anyone can build a powerful IoT network that can control just about anything from simple buttons to complex home integration systems.

“The system is both powerful and versatile, giving just about every user — whether they have any coding knowledge or not — the ability to create and design their own apps from scratch for just about any smart home project,” according to Michael Barnick, Founder and CEO of Quantum Integration. “The only limit is the creators’ imagination!”

How is the smart home controlled? Arguably the most important component of a home automation system is the input device. Without a good way to control all the powerful technology running in an automated home, it’s not living up to its full potential. The Q-Server Central Core is the heart of the IoT platform, and is perfect for this application for the complete control it provides its users over the entire IoT network.

In the perfect automated home, the ideal system is to use multiple types of input devices that vary depending on the task that needs to be completed; this means the system needs to be smart enough to recognize various forms of input: voice recognition, touch, remote control, and mobile devices. This kind of versatility and convenience is mostly exclusive to high-end, sophisticated and expensive systems which may be out of reach for most people.

Using the Q-Client Builder Base and accompanying electronic components like LEDs, motors and temperature sensors, users have nearly unlimited freedom to build and create useful smart home applications that are only the beginning of what can be achieved with Quantum Integration’s IoT platform.

About Quantum Integration Inc.

The Quantum IoT platform enables electronics hobbyists to create wireless devices from a simple button to home automation and robots, and control it with custom apps and firmware without coding, all through a central server. The power of making! ​​For more information, visit www.quantumintegrate.com.

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