Quantum Integration Makes Electronics and STEM Learning Fun

The easy-to-learn Quantum platform opens up the world of electronics and IoT to STEM students of all ages!

​Lowering the barriers to entry so that all can enjoy the thrill of advanced STEM projects, the engineers at Quantum Integration have developed a platform that makes learning to create wireless devices and integrate them ‘elementary’.

Perfect for curious students in grades 9-12, Quantum’s platform requires no coding and provides learners with incrementally challenging tasks.

Students and electronics enthusiasts can begin by selecting off-the-shelf electronic components, they then build a circuit and connect it to the Quantum Builder Base. The platform’s Firmware Generator makes it simple to configure and upload firmware and thus communicate with each of the electronic components.

No programming skills are needed as the interface is graphics-based. Users merely have to drag and drop simple ready-made blocks of code, called objects, and voila… they have become an app developer in just a few minutes.

Best of all, teachers don’t require any special training to instruct with the Quantum Platform. Teachers are supported through kid-friendly videos so that users can easily absorb information about basic circuits, and components such as LEDs, motors, and temperature sensors.

Students can use the Quantum Starter Kit and follow along with the video tutorials on Quantum’s YouTube channel to easily start building projects right away. In the event that questions arise, students can connect with the team and other makers via the company’s support desk or community.

The Quantum platform makes it easy for students to learn about the electronic properties of many devices and see how they can interact with each other wirelessly. Teachers and students can easily create wireless devices to assist in science projects, feed Fido, build robots, and more—all of which can be controlled with custom apps and firmware.

“Our focus group of 10th graders easily mastered the setup of the system and followed the tutorials on their own,” says Mike Barnick, President of Quantum Integration, Inc. “The simplicity of the platform along with instructional videos makes it easy for any teacher to instruct the class.”

About Quantum Integration, Inc. 

Based in Santa Barbara, California, Quantum Integration, Inc. is a company focused on making the joy of electronics available to learners at any level. Novices to seasoned electronics experts can benefit from the company’s intuitive platform and numerous project kits. Quantum Integration, Inc. is by makers for makers…no engineering degree required.

Source: Quantum Integration