Made With Quantum: How Users Can Create Their Own Temperature-Controlled IR Fan

In their latest how-to series, Christian with Quantum Integration teaches users how to set up their own temperature-controlled IR fan on the Quantum platform in real-time.

Quantum Integration is showcasing its latest tutorial series, sharing what is possible in the realm of home automation with just the Quantum platform and a few pieces of hardware. Episode five of the ‘Made with Quantum’ features QA Tester Christian, who provides a real-time demonstration showcasing how, with the Quantum platform, users can set up a fan to turn on or off automatically based on the temperature of the room.

Using the temperature sensor from the Starter Kit, infrared LED, Q-Client, and Q-Server, users are provided a real-time, easy-to-follow tutorial to create their own temperature-controlled smart devices from start to finish. The DHT11 temperature sensor, included with the Starter Kit, may be familiar to many DIY enthusiasts for its ability to measure both temperature and humidity, providing just a glimpse of what is possible when it comes to smart home applications.

Building the firmware — the instructions that tell the hardware what it’s meant to be doing — is a breeze on the Quantum platform. Users with no coding experience can build their own powerful systems for any project using Quantum’s sleek, drag-and-drop interface and firmware generation.

According to their blog, “Projects like this one will show you that anyone, regardless of technological experience, can bring it to life with our platform. The only limitation to what you can make is your own imagination.” The full post can be viewed here.

Check out the video here.

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