The Internet of Things (IoT) Platform by Quantum Integration Makes Creating a Custom IoT Network Fast and Easy

Arduino and Raspberry Pi users will love the Quantum IoT platform.

Quantum Integration has developed an Internet of Things (IoT) platform that provides electronic enthusiasts with a complete hardware and software solution. Unlike projects built with Raspberry Pi or Arduino where users must have a programming background, with Quantum's platform no coding is required, making the creation of complex wireless applications faster and easier.

Building projects with Arduino or Raspberry Pi requires a level of expertise that can be out of reach for many enthusiasts, especially when trying to communicate with multiple wireless sensors, actuators and displays.

In just a few minutes, users can connect almost any sensor, motor or other circuit to the Builder Base GPIO ports or industry standard I2C pins. Customized firmware is then uploaded via the Q-Server firmware generation feature - which simply involves specifying the attached hardware from an easy-to-use, web-based interface on the Q-Server. 

To get started, users may select from an array of off-the-shelf components, build a circuit, and then connect it to the Quantum Builder Base. The Q-Server features a Firmware Generator that creates pre-written, dynamically created firmware and automatically uploads to the Builder Base. From there, users can develop multiple applications using Quantum's graphic-based, drag-and-drop development environment, all from the local Q-Server interface.

Integration into existing platforms has, to date, been challenging. But the Quantum team was undaunted, developing a plug-in architecture called "Gateways and Services" to support other third party IoT platforms and web-based information services.

"This architecture brings the power of the Quantum platform together with Samsung devices, making it easy to add merge Quantum and SmartThings," said Joeran Kinzel, Co-Founder of Quantum Integration. For example, we can easily create an application to monitor a Samsung leak sensor and shut off the water using a Quantum controlled valve and send a text message using the Quantum Twilio service. We will be adding additional Services and Gateways on a regular basis."

The Quantum team is proud to present the most complete and full featured IoT Platform for electronic enthusiasts and students by giving them a complete solution to build, monitor and control virtually any electronic component wirelessly.

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The Quantum IoT platform enables electronics hobbyists to create wireless devices from a simple button to complete home automation and robots, and control it with custom apps and firmware without coding, all through a central server. The power of making!

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