Quantum Integration's RGB Table Light Project Shows How Easily Ideas Can Be Brought to Life

Quantum Integration is showcasing a new tutorial and proof-of-concept video that shows how users can set up their own RGB table light system.

Quantum Integration, following a recent successful launch of their complete IoT platform for electronics enthusiasts, is introducing a new tutorial video to showcase how quickly users can transform their ideas into reality.

This video features Joeran from the Quantum Integration team, who instructs users how to set up an RGB table light system designed to notify waiters or see the status of a table at a restaurant. Using some RGB table lights, a couple of buttons, jumper wires, and three Q-Client Builder Bases, users can develop an easy project that is just the beginning of what they can achieve with their Starter Bundles.

According to their blog, “This idea came to use while sitting at a restaurant. We wanted to show that whatever ideas you have can be brought to life with Quantum!”

Check out the full tutorial and video here.

For more information or to purchase a starter bundle, visit https://quantumintegrate.com.

About Quantum Integration Inc.

The Quantum IoT platform enables electronics hobbyists to create wireless devices, from a simple button to home automation and robots, and control them with custom apps and firmware without coding, all through a central server. The power of making! ​​For more information, visit www.quantumintegrate.com.

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