Quantum Integration's IoT Tech Platform Bridges the Gap on High-End Home Automation Features

Quantum Integration

Modern home automation platforms solve many pain points consumers have when it comes to multi-brand ecosystems, but at a price.

Home automation has evolved significantly since its inception, becoming more accessible and bringing new levels of convenience to the average consumer. Quantum Integration is further modernizing the industry with its versatile Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform, which solves many of the common pain points that consumers have with modern home automation systems.

A home automation platform starts with a central server that communicates with all devices introduced to the network. Having a standard platform, the Quantum Integration IoT platform allows for easy integration of new and existing systems, lowers the barrier of entry for product developers, and keeps the price down for other devices with IoT capabilities to be added in the future.

"The best way to imagine this is to think of how we use an iPhone," says Michael Barnick, founder and CEO of Quantum Integration. "Apple supplies the phone and allows customers to install applications written by others that they find useful for their particular needs. An IoT platform merely adds a hardware component which can be a microphone, touch screen, mobile device, light switch, security keypad, handheld remote, or virtually any other electronic product that can be controlled or provide data."

Many consumers, when looking into home automation for the first time, share expectations of what their system could and should do, including easy plug-and-play of new devices, a wide variety of devices to automate, a large degree of control, as well as privacy. However, mostly only high-end, costly systems are capable of achieving these requirements and more; workarounds are available, but require a certain degree of technical knowledge and initiative.

IoT based communication is inexpensive, and communication protocols like Bluetooth 5.0 have improved greatly since previous generations, allowing for more improved bandwidth and a greater number of devices on the network. Modern systems must be designed in a way that can incorporate specific brand requirements while maintaining a standard data format for each type of device.

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The Quantum IoT platform enables electronics hobbyists to create wireless devices from a simple button to home automation and robots, and control it with custom apps and firmware without coding, all through a central server. The power of making! For more information, visit www.quantumintegrate.com.

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